Microsoft Dynamics CRM

Microsoft Dynamics CRM

MetaOption LLC is a renowned Microsoft Dynamics CRM Development Company, which provides a series of Microsoft Enterprise Software Solutions to business enterprises & organizations, working in different corners of the globe. The Microsoft Dynamics CRM software has been designed as a complete Customer Relationship Management package with features for managing customers, vendors, suppliers, and partners effectively. The Dynamics CRM package is available as CRM Online, On-Premise and Partner Hosted solution so that you can stay connected with your business and client needs to foster loyalty and strong customer relationships.
Leverage the integrated features of Dynamics CRM solutions to keep your customers front and center of your business. The Dynamics CRM approach to customer relationship management with MetaOption LLC is to sustain lasting Client-Customer relationship that will positively impact your bottom-line through continual service engagement.

What We Do:

We implement Microsoft Dynamics CRM for SMB, large enterprises, and public sector groups. Our services for new and pre-installed Dynamics CRM applications include the following:


Capacity planning and MS CRM fitment
  • Physical and logical architecture assessment
  • Licensing recommendations
  • AS IS-TO BE fit gap analysis
Solution building and implementation services
  • MS CRM end-to-end solution building and implementation
  • Microsoft Dynamics CRM configuration, customizations, and role-based security definitions
  • Workflow configuration to connect your business use case
  • Implementation of Cybage add-on or reusable components solutions
xRM development
  • Extending MS CRM platform for business solution applications
Unidirectional, bidirectional system integration
  • Integration with ERP using standard and custom Cybage connector
  • Integration with non-ERP systems using ESB or custom Cybage connector
  • Integration with websites and portals
  • Integration with telephony systems and contact center agent desktops
Version upgrades
  • Implementation of upgrades
  • Add-on upgrades
  • Installation of roll-ups
Helpdesk and support services
  • Dedicated offshore support: Team of technical and functional consultants providing centralized support to globally distributed clients
  • Dedicated onsite support: Technical or functional consultants deployed at the client site, when needed
  • On-going server management and performance auditing
  • Functional and technical performance management
  • Remote assistance (via VPN or remote desktop)


Data migration and BI
  • Extraction of data from heterogeneous data sources and its transformation to match target schema
  • Handling migration error handling and logging
  • Migration performance tracking
  • Data migration from legacy or other CRM systems
  • Usage of connectors to reduce migration time frame
  • Customized reporting based on external and internal data
  • Building dynamic, ad hoc reporting solutions
  • Enhancing dashboards and role centers including custom Microsoft SQL Server Reporting
Installation and deployment
  • Internet-facing deployment
  • Single server, multi-server deployment


Re-usable components and tools usage
  • Pre-built error handling mechanism
  • Email racking solutions
  • Translations and localization
  • Robust logging framework
  • Grid designer
  • Printing framework
  • Auto-numbering
  • Third-party tools usage to reduce implementation time frame

Cybage Microsoft Dynamics CRM expertise and experience