Partnership & Cooperation

What is a 'Business Models'

Maintaining effective relationships and mutually beneficial ties with our partners is our number one business goal. EffectiveSoft builds partnerships based on a common vision, mutual trust, professional integrity, and ongoing mutual understanding. We highly value our partners for the technological innovations and leadership they have to offer.

IT strategies for your business

If you have know-how, or an original business idea, you may be faced with two problems:

1)  How to start earning money quickly?
2)  How to attract potential investors?
3)  How to save expenses?

EffectiveSoft suggests you to apply the following strategies to achieving your goals.

Quick Start up:

Self-finance is a key point of successful IT projects. A customer is sometimes in lack of resources for implementing all conceived ideas. Professional business analysts of EffectiveSoft Company are ready to assist you in making your projects successful. With joint efforts we create a plan of stage-by-stage development and implementation of your business solution. At every development stage, you will receive hands-on profitable solution to finance the further development. Strategic planning and careful specification writing are essential to avoid possible pitfalls during software development process.


The key point of this strategy is system and business specification. Specification development is a separate project. You will be the owner of all intellectual property created during this work.

Search for investors:

Nobody wants to buy a pig in a poke. Business people need to know what they are paying for. EffectiveSoft is ready to assist you at every stage of development and to minimize risks. EffectiveSoft's analysts and system architects possess enough experience to create system specification for the future project. Our domain expertise allows carrying out a project in 2 stages:

  • Initial stage implies a functioning prototype, which is required to be presented to investors. We calculate the resources in the best possible way to take into account your financial capacity
  • Professional specification and functioning prototype give you an opportunity to pass the investment audit easily and to win resources for the project implementation

Offshore Development Center

  • Your offshore development center serves as your remote software development company. It can render services either for you and your company or for your customer that you present as a middleman.
  • You only need one manager to coordinate the work of your remote team. You can appoint a manager at your company or choose a manager from our staff.
  • We are ready to provide you with the references of our customers who have chosen this scheme for their business and have been successfully cooperating with us for a few years.

ODC Advantages:

  • Communication process is smooth and prompt as all our staff members speak good English which allows you to communicate to any developer directly.
  • You enjoy the benefits of infrastructure that is ready to work. It includes premises, equipment, communication means, etc.
  • We are ready to provide you with the references of our customers who have chosen this scheme for their business and have been successfully cooperating with us for a few years.
  • Upon your wish we can organize the process so that your customer will not even notice that you are using the capabilities of an offshore development center.
  • The great advantage for you is that you can order cost-wise software development and resell it to your customer at a much higher price.

Start up of a new software development company takes a lot of efforts and funds. There is no guarantee that you will be paid back as the IT market appears to be very competitive and rapidly growing. By offering you an offshore development center as a replacement we offer you a reasonable and up-to-date solution.