We are growing Outsourced Product Development (OPD) company that provides end-to-end offshore product development services to global ISVs and enterprises. We offer innovative solutions to complex engineering issues by combining our technical expertise, domain experience and process maturity. Solutions enable organizations to outperform competition and generate new revenue streams.

It is through this specialized engineering that a product's future is decided. The purpose of specialized product engineering is to perform consistently and innovatively a well-defined engineering process that integrates all software engineering activities, developing accurate, consistent software products in an effective and efficient manner. Software engineering tasks include analyzing the system requirements allocated to software, developing software architecture, designing the software, implementing the software in the code, integrating software components, and testing the software to verify whether it meets specific requirements.

Our product Development services help product organizations design, build, test and maintain high-quality, reliable products, components and modules that significantly lower development costs, shorten timelines and decrease risk.

Our application / product maintenance services help maximize ROIs from existing IT systems. We take complete ownership of technology maintenance, including upgrading IT systems to meet organizations’ current business needs, maximizing system uptime and protecting IT systems from security threats, to help them focus on their core businesses.

We offer services for all stages of the product development lifecycle, from product conceptualization to quality assurance.

Product Conceptualization Consulting

  • Write product/business requirements specifications, system requirements specifications and functional specifications
  • Identify and design key features
  • Train the end-user on product skills
  • Select architecture and design
  • Provide UI prototypes

Product Architecture Consulting

  • Construct the technology foundations needed to build robust products
  • Consult on Enterprise Application Integration, Distributed Computing, Transaction Management
  • Select architectural styles and patterns

Product Design and Implementation

  • Draw a development strategy
  • Integrate and customize products to meet requirements
  • Train the end-user on product skills
  • Reinforcing product best practices
  • Testing and support for any technical issue